Amtoil, a disabled village in Sylhet

Bishwanath is one of the 40 Upazilas of the greater Sylhet Division. Amtoil is one of the thousands of villages in that Upazila. This village is very neglected. The people of the village are suffering from poverty. The most frightening thing that has plagued Amtoil village is the physical disability of hundreds of family members in the village. About 400 family members of the village are born with disabilities,  90 percent of whom are  children. There are many families whose parents, brothers and sisters are all disabled. So far no individual or organisation has come up with a plan to help these people. For the first time, the Mankind Organisation has undertaken a mega project for the physical, mental, housing, clean drinking water, sanitary, education and social development of these people with disabilities.   

Who we are...

Mankind Organisation is a Charitable company which engages in work with socially deprived and backward communities, persons with disabilities and their human rights, socially and sexually abused men or women, gender inequality, race, religion, belief equality, sex equality and rights, pregnancy and maternity rights and aged people rights in Bangladesh  but inspired by UK The Equality  Act 2010. 

Our aim is to promote awarness in Bangladesh that differently able people have equal rights as the able bodied people and that the disabled are also proud members of our society.

What we do...

We will asses the need of the disabled people and provide equipments to aid the disabled to live an independent life  as much as possible. We will also advice in accessing another related organisation according to their individual requirements.   

We will help people with disabilities live a healthy life, live in a healthy environment, education and self- reliance, necessary medical care where possible.

We will help disable families to access clean water, senitary, nutrition advice, medication, physiotherapy and education etc.